Designing a Piece of Jewellery for Someone

Designing a Piece of Jewellery for Someone

Anyone who has ever tried to sew their own clothes will tell you that it is not an easy task because a simple mistake can jeopardize the whole dress. Then, when you have to sew for someone else the matter becomes more complicated as now you have to appeal to someone else’s taste. This same difficulty is felt by anyone who is designing and creating something for someone else. This is true for designing jewellery too.

Nevertheless, if you keep in mind what you have to pay attention to designing a piece of jewellery for a customer can be quite easy.

Customer’s Preferences and Customer’s Appearance

When you get an order for a piece of jewellery being able to meet up with the customer will be able to help you to create the perfect piece of jewellery for him or her. Of course, you have to always pay attention to the preferences of the customer. However, as the designer you have to also pay attention to whether or not those preferences are going to complement the customer or not. That you can only do if you meet with the customer. Again you can only tell your opinion as the customer has the power of taking the final decision.


Once you have gotten an order your first step would be choosing a style or a design. You can let the customer choose this. If you already have designs to let them choose from, you can go ahead with that. Or if you are confident about creating any design you can allow them to choose the design from outside sources too. Sometimes, you may have to come up with a new design to fit to the needs of the customer.


After you have made the design and are moving towards the actual making part of the jewellery you have to decide the size of the piece of jewellery too. For rings we already have set sizes. For other pieces of jewellery too there are set sizes. However, it is always good to ask the customer if he or she has specific size needs too.

Material and Gems

Once you are done with the design and size you have to also consider the material you are going to use to create this jewellery. Here again it is the customer’s choice because the material depends on what he or she is capable of affording. Depending on the design you will have to use or not use gems too.

These facts will help you to come up with a good jewellery design.

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